Potenciamos a tus alumnos de educación superior para
su incorporación al mercado laboral.

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El preplacement a través de diferentes charlas busca capacitar a personas recién egresadas en cómo deben enfrentar la búsqueda laboral. En estas exposiciones se repasan conceptos como autoconocimiento, confección de currículum, estrategias de búsqueda, entrenamiento en entrevistas, entre otros.

The entry from youth to adulthood includes a basic job change. Like other basic job changes, for example, getting hitched, turning into a parent, or resigning from work, entering adulthood has the potential for impressive pressure. A quintessential element of an effective progress from ward youth to free grown-up is tolerating an occupation which results in monetary autonomy. Kolsinger and Fernandez advise us that the change isn’t really a solitary development from the jobs of student and pre-adult to the jobs of laborer and grown-up. Others, as well, have brought up that the life-course writing progressively manages the ease of the period from the part of the bargain the section into an occupation. Regardless of whether the change includes simultaneous educational and word related exercises or whether the progress is hindered by a non-vocation stretch of military administration, the change isn’t finished until one is free. Furthermore, quite often accomplishing financial freedom includes finding a new line of work. The speculation that casual pursuit of employment techniques would be emphatically identified with occupation and life fulfillment was not bolstered therefore students can Learn More at about how to write a proper job application, essay, all things considered, by this examination. The blended outcomes found for the various subgroups and various proportions of fulfillment emphatically propose that there is much still to be found out about quest for new employment techniques and their adequacy. The distinctions found among Black and white youngsters are significant. Blacks were essentially less happy with their occupations and lives than were whites, and Blacks were bound to utilize formal as opposed to casual quest for new employment strategies. Contrasts found between hunt strategies and the various proportions of fulfillment propose the requirement for greater refinement of the ideas “compelling” and “insufficient” pursuit of employment practices. The individual inquiry strategies ought to be investigated in more detail, as opposed to sorting the particular techniques as “formal” or “casual.”
Es un servicio que apunta a que las instituciones de educación superior para que puedan entregar a sus alumnos información relevante a la hora de enfrentarse al mercado laboral.

Dentro de los talleres de preplacement se encuentran:



Marketing personal parte 1, el currículum: Cómo generar una buena impresión, tips para generar un currículum ganador.



Mkt personal parte 2, cómo enfrentar cada etapa de un proceso de selección y salir exitoso de una entrevista de trabajo / cómo responder a una entrevista por competencias.



Búsqueda laboral, herramientas activas y pasivas. Linkedin: Cómo utilizar efectivamente esta red laboral / inteligencia artificial en la selección de personal.

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